Reminders: Lesson Plans for Today & Planning November

  1. Who speaks next week? – booking a date
  2. Small Groups: creating groups (with similar occupations or heterogeneous) and sharing your individual work on Useful Language.
  3. Small Groups: checking your answers to the two worksheets on collocations (spares on bulletin board) – today I’ll give you another two.
  4. Plenaries for reporting on your work and questions

Plans for November (to discuss next week) – Getting Organized (bring your weekly learning plans!)

  • Your timed OPs (book) – retelling with a time limit or putting together your own OP
  • C-Day on the second lesson in the second Nov week (on the first you’ll get your checked writing so you can work on your LoM) + Agreeing on what for the Nov Writing
  • (pending: Wkshop on Rational Discussions – print it, please)
  • Check things: Who is reading what? (C1 Materials), anyone for the Movie/Film Project?
  • Documentary
  • Friends 1×2: Dramatized Reading (print it, please)
  • New collocations worksheets
  • (At home: listening/speaking, planning, reading blog posts+materials, training with course videos, minimum if you want to actually follow the course!)

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