What’s “Tutoría”?

The “Tutoría” service is about individual learning matters that would benefit from teacher’s advice, or about giving private information to the teacher.

It’s students who book for a Tutoría session whenever they see they need it, but sometimes teachers may approach students to make this proposal.

Tutoría is not a private lesson, in any case. Every year we clarify this. It’s a session where teacher and student exchange info and views so as to support the student’s learning.

The most common cases for us are students who don’t seem to find the minimum time to work on their English. The teacher helps them establish priorities and learn to plan things and which methodological procedures can benefit their learning.

My tutorías for you all (all of my groups) are Mondays and Tuesdays from 9.15 to 9.45. But people need to book first. When the day is free, I usually tell the student to come at 9.25, so that I can take a little break after a whole afternoon teaching with just a 10 minute break in between 2h.15′ lessons!

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