School Council: The C1 Resource Pack is getting published!

Last night we had our School Council meeting. It ended at 23.30 but it was great! My highlight was this: people decided they wanted to have the School publish our pack. So I’ll be getting the “fichas” printed, the School will try to get an orange folder to put them in, and then we’ll get started! The head suggested we (should) send a free copy to all the Andalucian EOIs, which is a great idea! Now let’s cross our fingers! Let’s hope money or other material obstacles don’t come our way!

The version you have has undergone some changes. I removed the cards on women writers, for copyright fears — heirs are really aggressive and don’t understand anymore the relevance of Fair Use for culture — but included one with some beginnings and endings of works in I’m still trying to cross out text in the cards where I had to make the font smaller. I included “Agradecimientos” in Spanish to people I worked with, and a dedication to my mum, because women’s invisibility as positive beings contributing valuable thoughts, lifestyles, works for positive social change (that kind of radical violence, so denigrating and negative for humankind)  is still an issue in our society. So here is what I wrote for that purpose. (Her birthday would have been in October, so I always do something symbolic to remember her.)


A mi madre, a quien gritaban “puta” por la calle en el Madrid de los sesenta y setenta porque llevaba vaqueros, y tuvo el valor de seguir su criterio, no dejándose intimidar por las personas violentas. A ella a quien llamaron “mala madre” porque de pequeña me trataba como si yo fuera una persona también. A los 10 años me propuso viajar un año al extranjero para aprender inglés, y buscó a una amiga en Australia para que me recibiera, mientras yo, profundamente emocionada por la gran aventura que iba a vivir, apretaba los ojos fuerte para desear que la amiga viviera junto a una comunidad aborigen.

“Siempre podrás ganarte la vida”, me dijo, cuando volví bilingüe y capaz de estirarme sola para alcanzar la luna. Siempre tan generosa, valiente y lúcida.

A mi madre, por pertenecer a la saga de personas anónimas cuyas vidas han tenido un profundo impacto en lo mejor que tenemos las sociedades hoy, que hizo la vida de quienes la encontraron más amable, divertida, interesante, buena, mientras abría brechas de luz a la tenebrosa y cruel dictadura, caminos por donde pasaríamos luego tanta y tanta gente.


  1. Hahaha… Thanks! And thank for your kind words. They’re encouraging! ❤
    I looked for the best stick I could find, to swap for a boomerang! Unfortunately, I lived in a detached house with a lovely backyard and never once did I see an aborigen. I was taken to a reservation to visit kangaroos and koalas, though! 😀 Life's not perfect! 😀 ❤
    Language tip: You made me laugh when you mentioned the anecdote of the aborigines!


  2. Beautiful words indeed!!! and gigantic CONGRATULATIONS for the publication of the RP. I’ve managed to read some cards, no all of them, and perhaps the following Monday we can have some time to comment a few things. Have a nice extended weekend! I’ve some posts in the process, so I’ll try to upload them this mini-holidays. Cheers!!!

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  3. Sure, thanks! ❤ Feedback is welcome (I'm reviewing stuff these days), or if you mean questions on methodology so that you all can use those ways of learning, that's crucial. I wonder if people are reading and if they find it helpful or not! Well, I'm burning curious really! 😀 But I don't want people to get stressed…
    But – not on Monday! It's a hol! 😀

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  4. Hey Michelle Im getting emotional reading your lovely words to your mum. I can imagine she was an amazing mum and of course she helped you to make your dreams come true. Hope you can achieve all your goals your worked very hard to make us easier to love English language. And every class is a treasure for us to improve our English so dont lose hopes!! and have a relaxing weekend you need to recharge batteries !! 🙂


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