Diary for Oct 24 – a Topic OP (Patriachy), Friends & Reminders

Today we started with questions and reminders, as usual. I reminded people about keeping written track of their work, and encouraged them to show me some of that now, for feedback, for November is the official month when I’ll collect it all. I highlighted listening logs and learning plans or logs. Please, read the pages above on this, in Course and Evaluation, but remember this “control” is just to help you learn and get organized. I cannot give you an official mark for your work, but something more precious: feedback all the way! 🙂

(See previous posts where I remind, clarify, sigh…! 😀 One, another)

I collected the October Writing Assignments that were handed in, and reminded people of how the deadline week works. A student asked why should you write in the 3rd person the Story of My Life, I said it was a requirement. On the previous lesson I had explained why. Tasks are designed for learning purposes. So I’ll ask you all about the experience. You’ll see why.

We had a very special gift today: Lorena, a History teacher, gave an informed talk on the Origins of Patriarchy. Please, consider what you learned/learnt from this OP, and practice re-telling. Then decide if you wish to record or write a reasoned opinion about the topic. Btw, did anybody take a picture of her outline? Or can you post your notes here? Thanks!

Here are the questions around the origins of patriarchy which I remember we started addressing:

  • When/Why were gender roles created? (the lecture addressed this)
  • Are gender roles based on biology, culture, both?
  • Should we prevent men and women from doing or not doing things the other gender role is supposed to do or not do in their culture? Why?

The session was interrupted by a complaint — here is my post on this: Problem-solving proposal.

We moved on to Questions of the 1×1 Friends script and discussed a few language questions. Can you post your notes on this here? Thanks! ❤

Next day we agreed we would finish the Questions and do a Dramatized Reading. But I also hope we can have a speaking round on what I suggest in Problem-solving Proposal (the exercise on gender identity and human identity). You’ll hand in your October W.A. and I’ll ask you to print Workshop for Rational Discussions. If you bring Ngozi quotes or something we could finish the posters! If someone writes out this plan next day, I’ll bring candy! 😀

The following week: Monday is a holiday. And on Wednesday we’ll check the two handouts on collocations (spares on bulletin board in class) and then SMALL GROUPS by USEFUL LANGUAGE Project. Contingency plan: read the workshop on rational discussions.

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