Last Week of Oct. Handing in Info/Work

This week you need to hand in your October writing assignment. You shouldn’t do that in November, if you want to allow us to respect deadlines, OK?

I would also like to see copies of your Weekly Learning Plans and Listening Logs, to gather info and give you feedback if relevant. This was scheduled for November, along with the list of the orals or other work you shared, but I’m not sure people are clear about this habit you need to develop, so I’d like to encourage you to pay attention to this issue.

(All the info is in your C1 Resource Pack AND here in Course Info & Eval. But remember you don’t get grades -notas- till the June exam, the only moment when you are officially evaluated. Feedback, however, is given throughout the year.)

The general idea is you show me records of your work outside the classroom, because we don’t use a textbook, so I don’t know what you are working on. I only know about what you share in class.

See you! 🙂

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