Women need to be seen and heard at conferences

In line with this week debate, I’ve found an interesting and very “scientific” editorial about women’s (in)visibility in science. It was published in the prestigious journal Nature on October 19th. You can read it by clicking  here –> nature_look_harder.

(Nature 538, 290 (20 October 2016) doi:10.1038/538290b)

Have a nice weekend!!

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful. Thanks so much! I would like to ask people who have trouble with Reading tests, mostly because of the pressure resulting from the time limit, to use the Skimming and Scanning technique in some way, and time themselves as they read. I know there are no comprehension questions, so that’s why I said “in some way”, but think of your own comprehension of the text as you skimm, and then do the two scannings. Time each step in the process and then bring your questions to class. I’ll try to design some questions, but if you all think of a multiple choice question with three options, I could gather them all and bring the final exercise to class. (Got quite a bit of video editing to do these days!) We could have a session on the S&Sc technique! Have a lovely weekend, dear all! ❤


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