Proud to be old – About growing old

Today this topic came up, and I mentioned Leonora Carrington’s reply to some young people who told her — to flatter her — “You’re young at heart”. Check it out here, and if you like, listen to and read her short story The Debutante, which we can talk about in class — it’s an example of Surrealist literature.

I’m also attaching the chapter in the True Story I wrote this summer, where the little girl and the old woman speak about age. But that’s in Spanish, sorry!


23_1_serjovenservieja 23_2_serjovenservieja

One comment


    It’s a good story. Another way to understand that to get older it means to get more experiences in life and you must be proud of it instead of regretting for not being young anymore. So it’s quite A philosophical way of thinking that it helps me not to miss my youth and to be grateful for being a 51-year-old woman. The most important THING / What’s most important in life is to feel happy with your family and WITH THE friends that you really worth it (?) value (?)

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