On the Useful Language Project Agreed in Class This Week

The other day we talked a bit about lists of Useful Language, and I asked students to find the examples and explanations I included in our C1 Resource Pack (Section “Understanding Language Learning”).

We agreed on this:

Each student* will gather a collection of sentences they* use or need to use every day (so to speak) [in their professional fields or areas of expertise] and bring them to class, with a threefold purpose:

  • find out if other students share the same field, so you can read out your sentences and put together a more comprehensive List of UL for that field (but small group can be eclectic!)
  • learn English from other students
  • check that your sentences are correct, and that your pronunciation and intonation are good.

In two weeks you should have put together something, a few sentences at least, so you can work with your classmates, OK? If I forget, please, remind me of this! I understand we can schedule it for the first week of September.

Then we might be able to create new podcast episodes for the Talking People Podcast “Useful Language” segment!

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