Diary for Oct 19. Two more OPs & Upcoming Lesson Plans!

Today some people came back to class, which was good news.

Some people wrote the lesson plan on the whiteboard, and when I got back from my break I completed it. I loved this experience, so I hope we can do this in every lesson, OK? Feel free to jot down stuff when you get to class!

We started with people voting for the group reps. Karen and Lucía volunteered and got their classmates’ support! ❤

Then Lucía did her OP on How to work on your monologues at home, and it was very interesting and she also allowed me to videoshoot! Please, watch the video, you all, when I manage to publish it, OK? It’ll be good for taking notes on the topic, and working on Lists of Mistakes. I would like to see some work of yours on that towards the end of November (use the C1 Resource Pack for reading a bit about it).

Germán gave an OP on the oral book review I suggested you prepared (the Ngozi essay), and it was very well put together. I hope he can record it for his speaking file taking into consideration the feedback I gave thim. Lucía took a pic of this outline and we’ll be publising it because it’s a great example of how to speak from outlines in timed OPs.

LoMs: some language questions came up, and Sergio contributed a good example for us to discuss “worth”, “worthy”, “worth it”.

I misunderstood a language question, but fortunately other students realized where I was making the mistake and helped clarify! Thanks!

Finally we watched 1×1 of Friends, and people agreed to read the transcript at home (download it following the links on “Handouts” here) and come to class with language questions. After that session, we’ll do a dramatized reading. We’ll see in what way!

We have lots of plans for next week, but you need to help me out of this. The priority will always be listening to people who have prepared 3, 4-min OPs, OK? I reminded people they should practice this format once a month, in class, for feedback, provided they worked on the piece as I indicate in my video and the resource pack.

Romina couldn’t make it to class today either. So I deeply regret having postponed her OP the other day! Romina, whenever you come back you can do it!!! 🙂 ❤

We have Lorena who will be offering a longer OP (a project OP, really) on Patriarchy or the Origin of patriachal societies. I have to say that this is a true precious talk and hope everybody will take notes and comment or ask questions after her performance.

AND — consider that after October-Feminist-Workshop-Month, you should be able to speak and write about gender issues and social change including awareness of the role feminism as a social struggle has played in the very different lifestyles some of us lead today. You could write a reasoned opinion in 100 words answering a question of your choice, for instance, for the November Writing Assignment which involves two brief writings.

Then we’ll work on language used in Friends 1×1, and the following day we’ll do dramatized readings of the script. It’d be great that some group allowed videoshooting, but if you don’t want to, even if it’s just one person, please, don’t feel obliged.

What’s for the first week in September? The collocations handouts (pinned on the board in class if you don’t have a copy) and the Useful Language project to share in class.

For the overview of what we did, remember to check out my previous post on this!

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  1. Im watching videos about people dramatizing readings of the script. Its fantastic! and very funny can not wait to do it and try. Ive never done before and Im sure we will have much fun in the class.


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