Diary for October 17, Women Writers’ Day! and second OP! (edited)

Today we had a very tight lesson plan, but universal balance had a say, and we managed to do what we could actually do in the allotted time, except for the Students’ Reps elections! (next day).

Minisagas kept coming in, which is great. Remember to post your final work, if you like, on the page here for that!

OPs: I explained what I expected you could all do in terms of OPs. And Lucía will bring the issue up again next day, based on the video on Speaking File here and on her own research!!

Handouts. Collocations. I gave out the first two handouts for you to work on, to improve your vocabulary. They’re handouts 57 and 58. Spares are on the bulletin board in class, OK? Do it for the first week of September, and please, remind me we need to check this. If we have lots of OPs, I can always post the results, and we can save time in this way — class just for particular questions.

Soluna did a 5-minute OP on How to Work on your Monthly Writing Assignments, based on my video here on the Writing File, but processed very personally! And she gave us a lovely present: she allowed me to videoshoot (I need to give her the form so she can do that in black and white), so you will be able to watch her as soon as I manage time to edit the video! Then because the other two OPs were cancelled, we had time to hear questions on your writing assignments and ways of working on that, which was superb! We analyzed the October task and agreed on a deadline everybody committed to respect! (I explained why that was so important for me). I’ll write the deadline on the page Writing File as soon as I find the scrap of paper I scribbled it on! (Or you post it here! 😀 )

We had the second part of the Feminist Workshop, with small groups reading out quotes or statements and talking about them. We didn’t get the chance to hear one of the groups, but the rest agreed the ideas were a bit old, which was good news because it shows how much society has changed, how fast in the last decade! Just to acknowledge all the feminist people who posed those ideas, and had to pay a price in their personal lives for doing so, wish that society will also realize some day all the good things feminist activists have brought to everybody’s lives. There were no comments about depictions of women’s minds in patriarchal culture, but when I got to offer an overview of the gender problem, people understood very well what I meant — and this indicates, once again, how things have changed in very few decades (in evolutionary terms — fortunately Lorena will tell us about when patriarchal societies begun, so we realize the implications of a great deal of factors around the Gender Question). People also talked about language they had learned: education vs child rearing, or bringing up children, abased and belittled (“She must live and die with this secret self-knowledge which abased her, gnawing at the heart”, The Butterfly HouseMary E. Wilkins Freeman; “Women ‘belittled, underappreciated and underpaid’ in tech industry” – proposal: find time to work on this article and let’s comment in class what you learned/learnt!), dyke (when to use it or not, or who uses it and what for, like other sensitive terms, e.g. nigger)… – complete when I go downstairs for my notes?! 😀 

I’m going to post on what I said about GENDER later on, because I think it can be of use for people in exam time. You see, to my knowledge, gender questions have kept being speaking exam topics for the past 10 years (but some years ago I was working in Madrid).

Finally, some people remembered and brought quotes — or wrote them down — for our posters for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Women Writers’ Day. when people left, I glued the bits and I’ll show you next day. Please, if you wish to take part (we’ve got more pieces of cardboard paper) remember for next day, because after our next lesson together I’ll put the posters up. If you like and people agree, perhaps you want to appear on a picture next to the posters!

Next day, we might have two OPs: Lucía’s and Romina’s. The Elections, too. And bring the script of episode 1×1 of Friends, for whatever it is we do with it (today we considered the options, but it will depend on who comes to class next day!).

Please, if I forgot something, do feel free to comment! Thanks! 🙂

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