HELP! Does anybody know…? / Can you think about this?

Does anybody know how to create a calendar we can all edit, so we can add or delete lesson plans?

In this way, you would be able to book for your OPs, and I would be able to draft lessons, and we would all be able to know when what would happen! 😀

Please, could you consider this? If we don’t listen to 2, 3 people every day doing a 4 min. OP for speaking exam training (longer OPs count as one a month, it’s just they’re longer), would you be OK about not getting that training (speaking in public with a time limit and using an outline)? I’m just mentioning this because so far only two people have done this kind of exercise. It’s OK with me, but think about what you are willing to contribute in terms of OPs, OK?

Remember that the only mark you get is in June. That what we do in class is not for passing, but for learning, practicing and training! 🙂

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