Lesson Plans for Mon Oct 17 and Wed Oct 19!

What an amazing plan! Here goes:

  • Soluna will explain how students should work on their monthly Writing Assignments
  • Lucía will explain how students should be working on their monolog(ue)s at home
  • And Romina will give an OP on How to Set Up a Business!

This day is Women Writers Day, so I will bring a piece of cardboard paper so you can all paste something about Chimamando Ngozi Adichie: select a quote by her, or cut out a picture of hers, or write her a minisaga, or BRING SOMETHING PLEASE! (And in case you forget, I’ll bring something too).And we’ll listen to some oral reviews on Chimamanda’s essay. I’ll bring my video camera in case any of you allows me to videoshoot, OK? For our impressive C1 playlist here.

Finally, if time allows, we’ll split up in small groups, and you’ll enjoy the second part of the Feminist Workshops, discussing feminist ideas and what patriarchal history has recorded about women (which explains why they have always been excluded from the world of art and thought and the like).

The following Wednesday we can do this and then the Dramatized Reading of Friends, so prepare your paper copies of the script. And if anybody else wants to do their montly OP, book! Thanks!

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