On Events: DACE, Coeducación & Toastmasters in Málaga

Dear all, some info about activities happening or about to happen…

On the second floor, on the DACE Announcement board, you have all the info about events we’re organizing/organising or that are happening in our town. So remember to have a look every now and then. That bulletin board is next to the Coeducación Announcement Board, too, where we have just published the first visual newsletter, which you can download at our Inteligencia Feminista blog (link).

This year the English Department is organizing Toastmasters sessions on Fridays. As we, C1’s, don’t have a Friday lesson, you are free to go when they start! The sessions will be conducted by a man, and people of different courses or levels from Intermediate on will be welcome. It’s free. The aim is to practice speaking in public and learn some tricks for that! If you attend, remember to tell us about it in class, OK?

On Fridays, la Asociación de Estudiantes will also organize conversation groups, and you can follow the news on that checking out their Announcement Board on the second floor, next to the Library, or opposite the English Departament bulletin board. Remember three people have their affiliation cards in class, waiting for them!

As you probably already heard by word-of-mouth, EOI Málaga is hosting a contest of orators (one in Spanish in the morning and one in English in the afternoon) on Oct 15. To attend you need to register and pay a fee. Here is all the info, from the DACE webpage on the EOI Málaga website! If you wish to attend, you can say so in class this evening, in case you can organize an outing together. I understand the reasons people are giving, including teachers: it’s in a different city, and it’s rather expensive for the kind of activity it is — the cheapest possibility is 19 euros (I mean, people here have trouble going to activities we organize, like theater outings, for 8 euros), but people attending will probably learn a few things about speaking in public, and possibly enjoy it all too — coffee break included.


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