A Note on Lifelong Learning, Crucial for Our Happiness & Bonding / Solidarity

As a critical thinker, which in my mind means, as someone who cares about love and loving, oneself and other people, life, the human world, I’d like to share my approach to learning with you all.

Learning is not (or not only) about status, elites, getting better jobs, and all of the things a narrow scope on learning (education as we see it), have always taught us.

Learning is one of the most positive things we humans can do in various countless positive ways — an a r-evolution-ary thing, too! It changes our body chemistry without harming us, like orgasms! When we feel we are learning, things happen inside! Positive things. And we get extra energy for life, too. So I’m not referring only neural connections, which make us develop our intelligence in amazing ways.

Learning involves courage to confront all the fears and complexes we have been brought up in, as patriarchal societies which trust violence better than empathy. But everyday we can witness the great things we feel-think and are capable of, and they relate more to empathy, including self-respect, empathy towards ourselves, knowing how to open up a space for what we need to grow, giving the best human qualities a chance. Here is the key to our happiness, individually speaking, and to evolving into less violent and unfair societies.

Learning involves generosity towards ourselves and others, too, because it’s about sharing the best parts of ourselves, and growing together.

Learning involves effort, but not the kind of effort that undermines our identity. It is time-consuming, but then — we spend time doing something that makes us grow.

A vital approach to learning, understanding what learning brings about in our lives, is something we need to learn to do. Learning as an activity that rescues and enhances our humanity. That’s why I find that learning, in many ways, is a vital question for us all.

So allow yourselves the time to learn! ❤

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