Next week I need to know… (Hmwk)

If with the info in class, your browsing of the C1 Resouce Pack, your readign of blog Pages & posts here, or from videos you know how to work with:

  • Weekly Learning Plans (and Reading logs)
  • Listening logs
  • Lists of UL
  • LoMs
  • Language Awareness notes
  • Writing File
  • Speaking File
  • (Learning Diary)
  • ClassroomNotes

Watch the videos I made to explain the SpF and the WrF.

Write a minisaga (examples in C1RP)

Do your B2 Reading Test for the diagnosis lesson next Monday – timing yourselves (check the C1RP)

Draft your Weekly LP for next week after looking at the copy I gave you on our Sept& Oct lessons. We need to check together how that’s changed and if we’re able to check / tick all the boxes.

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