Diary for Wed Sept 28

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Today we had a wonderful lesson, in my view, and welcomed a new student, too. I liked it because I learned/learnt about you all and your work. And I reviewed your names! 😀

I explained how I exploit literature, stories, and showed people the new Page I created here to illustrate. Check out “Dishwashers”.

People split up in small groups to work on narrating their Weekly Learning work and plan for the rest of the week, following the idea of practicing balanced turn-taking. People spoke about their own stuff and some groups talked about topics, too.

Then small groups reported to plenary, in this way: each individual made a summary of what they shared. Different things came up and one of them was some resources. I’ll post the ones I mentioned in a separate message.

I took notes, and I consider today’s participation as the 3-4 min mon I mentioned on our lesson plans for Sept. & Oct. (I’m collecting info on the work you do, the materials you use, and on mistakes, for future posts or comments in class.)

I have to thank the group for having stayed 20 minutes more, so as to listen to the students who hadn’t had the chance to speak. It was very kind of you. ❤

Misc. We reviewed what minisagas are and why they’re good for you to write — but there’s nothing like DOING IT to understand! 🙂 ; communication strategies in speaking interactions, for real life and exams (why balanced turn-taking is necessary and achievable); the idea of using Lists of UL for different language functions (for making communication possible, lang. func. like inviting sb to speak / involving some silent person in the conversation). Last, I sort of sketched the connection there is between our methodology and training for real life and exams, too.

The homework we agreed to share (considering each person also selects their own work) is posted on the previous post (I have to edit it to add the activity on tenses).

Handouts. I gave out the Sept. 2016 B2 Reading Test. We’ll check it next Monday, and do the Listening Test in class. Please, time yourselves, and I’ll ask you what methodology you used to do each exercise. I recommend the skimming and scanning technique. (See C1RP)

So next Monday is the Diagnosis lesson, OK? And next Wednesday we’ll start with Chimamanda Ngozi. Read a separate post on this, I’ll post next.

Copies of the essay. Some people bought a copy in class. Others will get their own. A student asked if she could borrow it, so I’m considering donating a copy or two for classroom use. So don’t get stressed if you can’t find it. Anyway, please, consider buying works by feminists! ❤ We’re adorable creatures often subject to slander! And we have lots of amazing stories to tell and positive ideas to share! ❤


  1. Today I have learned/learnt many useful expressions but there are two that I found really funny .
    One is to be a “born suicide rat” and the other is “feminists are adorable creatures “.
    P.S.Michele Ford, someday you could also show us where you get your energy from!


  2. 😀 😀 😀 Ay! Muahk! Well, allow me to comment! 😀 a born “rata suicida” (suicidal rat) is my own lexical creativity in Spanish. But I wanted to teach you “a born + sth” like “a born explorer”. I also made up, it seems, “demented laughter”, and I’m responsible for “a pepsi ass” among pacifists in London, which is their adaptation of my “My ass is turning pepsi” which was a Literal Trans. (intented funny) of “se me hace el culo pepsicola”, quite popular in Madrid in my days.
    About energy, consider I get up at lunchtime, have breakfast when most people are having lunch, and then go to work. I have dinner at 11 or 12 in the evening. And then “my afternoon and evening”, which means I go to bed in the wee hours. And something else: although most of my life I slept 4, 6 hours a day, I changed that, out of lack of energy, and today I can skip food but I can’t skip sleeping. I sleep for 8 hours most days. And if possible, 10! I used to have the regular timetable, but when I started working for adults, considering how admirable it is you all come to LEARN after a hard day’s work, and considering I love being a night bird, I decided to adapt to my present timetable, to be able to come full of energy to help out. It is true that teaching requires huge amounts of energy, even if we are used to it, and most of the times don’t realize. And my admiration to you all who can teach and have kids! It is me who doesn’t understand where YOU, dear Christina, get your energy from! 😀 😛 ❤


  3. It was a really good class and I enjoyed a lot and yes!! I was the suicide rat or the new explorer haahhaha its good to break ice but I hope the rest of the class dont be so shy to talk Im sure in a few days everybody will feel like in a big english family thanks to our teacher .

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  4. 😀 Well, teacher’s can’t do a thing without students’ participation. I’m sure that whatever happens you’ll all have a larger role in it than me! But thanks so much! ❤ It warms my heart!

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