Activities around Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay

Next Wednesday we’ll start the Ngozi Sessions!

On our blog C1 Materials is the post with all the info on this essay: click here if you don’t know how to get there.

First we’ll watch her TED Talk and you’ll take notes, possibly on pronunciation of things!

Then if time allows we’ll start reading her essay. But we could just listen to people re-telling what she said and giving their insight, or sharing their language notes.

Reading the book in class. We’ll need to finish reading it in the following lesson. Well, that’s the challenge! I hope everybody volunteers! Then your homework will be to collect UL and favo(u)rite passages (favs because of the contents or because of the language you learn, e.g. to improve your narratives).

For people interested, there are two stories by this author posted on our C1 Materials blog, I think. If you read them, you can tell us about them, or about what you felt and thought.

BOOKING for mons. Remember each and every lesson welcomes your “monologues” (3, 4 minute presentations) and that it’s all up to your iniciative. We are many, but don’t refrain from volunteering. Ideally, you could all talk about it in class (ask me for time for that) and then book dates so we know who’ll be speaking when so we can have the same amount of people each day.

The Ngozi Sessions will be followed by the Feminist Workshop I designed. You don’t need to print anything. I have copies in class for your perusal.

And I would love to get an October minisaga where you show  your feminist intelligence in development! This is a lifelong learning task!

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