Diary for Mon Sept 26 – Everybody, please read! It’s got homework!

(no links on this post because it’s better if you learn to navigate, OK?)

Today four new students arrived, so we went through some points we had already dealt with last week.

I thanked students for having used the blog, and left track! ❤ It’s very encouraging! And it helps allow people to learn to overcome shyness and communicate!

I asked students to try & follow posts on the blog, as if the blog were their textbook, and comment in class whatever they like. We had two students speaking about the first story-telling video I posted.

And today we also made a mistake I hope we can avoid next time!: I didn’t check the Lesson Plan with you all, but I was confident you realized what it said, hahaha. And then you didn’t tell us all that we had to do something we didn’t do! — which was I had to give you a copy of the B2 Reading Test. No problem. No rush. Let’s not get stressed for nothing! 😀 I’ll give it to you next day, and you can do it over the weekend and we can check in class in a week’s time. Thanks, Germán, for letting me know, and next time, do interrupt! It’s OK. ❤

Still, the point has been raised for your consideration: you need to help me identify stuff in the lesson plan! 😀 OK? ❤ Particularly priorities. If you see I have handouts for you and I forget to give them out, remind me of that! 😀 ❤

We reviewed the checklist with stuff we need to be doing in September and October (first copy on Handouts), and I went through the list HANDOUTS here on the blog (which you all need to read) to review what you need to print and what I’ll bring to class. We also reviewed the language point on tenses (check out category: Language Awareness) and I was really happy to see people got the point I raised. I’d appreciate it if you could comment in class the other sentences I posted under Language Awareness here. And we reviewed books you need to think of (check out the blog called C1 Materials — there is a widget called Blogroll that includes this link) so as to make up your minds on what to read after October.

Everybody needs to get a copy of Ngozi’s book “We Should All Be Feminists” (check out the C1 Materials blog) for October. Keep me posted on when you have it, so I can see when we can start.

We listened to a few people telling us about things they’d done, had Soluma explaining prefixes (un-, dis-) — she’ll post about that (Soluna, give it the pre-title of “Language Awareness” and/or make sure you add this label in Categories, so we can find it in this way too. Thanks!)– and sorted out things on emails. Lorena told us about her feminist group Milenta.org, and I told her I’d love to buy one or two of their T-shirts, so we might get that chance at some point! She told us because of the cuts this group is out of money for their amazing field work.

Methodology. I introduced Lists of Useful Language, which need to be informed from what we read and listen to. I explained some how-to’s: learning to plan our weekly work: weeklly learning schedule, listening log and reading log, plus the ficha on key concepts in our everyday work. All of these fichas are here on the page: C1 Resource Pack, and of course in your pdf copies. Incidentally, in your pack you will also find examples of minisagas!!! So don’t bother looking for them on talkingpeople.net!

I asked students to watch the two videos here on the pages: Speaking File and Writing File.

We didn’t read out loud the post I intended to read out loud, which is the first I posted here for this course. Would any of you be kind and tell us what it says next day? Perhaps we can practice co-narration! 😀

Next day you can hand in your first minisaga. I hope you can write one a month. Find examples in your C1 Resource Pack. It’s a story in 50 exact words.

Next day I need to give you a B2 Reading Test, and if we manage to clarify the working concepts, we could do the Listening Test. They were given to B2’s this September, and are for your diagnosis. We’ll check them in class and you’ll tell me what result you got, OK? But it’s just diagnosis, not for evaluation.


  1. Thank God you are explaining again because Im not so good at informatics and for me its so difficult to find the different templates we need to print so Im so grateful you are trying so hard to make things easier for us. I hope in a few days to manage and also to enjoy your blog that is so interesting and useful to improve my English.


  2. I’ve just posted a “Language awareness” post (sorry for the repetition) about negative prefixes. I hope you find it useful and/or interesting. Comments are welcomed, of course. See you tomorrow in class.

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  3. Wonderful!!! I’ll read it tomorrow, then, in the evening! Thanks so much! You might be interested in downloading my workshop on wordformation and lexical creativity in English! Pops we can do something together! See you! ❤


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