Diary for Wed Sept 21 (edited)

Today we welcomed five new students, and two adorable reps from Siglo 21, the Students’ Association dropped by for a visit. Many students decided to join them, for 5 euros a year. ❤

We listened to the new students introducing themselves and then we started the round of people speaking about how they had been using their English since the last time we met. About four people spoke a bit. From their words we learned about copy shops, movies, TV series… And a few language points came up, which I’ll explain in two separate posts next. Except this: we spoke about the difference between Having an Accent and Mispronouncing. Check out the page above on this.

Next week I’ll start explaining the methodology you need to use to become independent and resourceful lifelong learners! And we’ll start listening to stories.

This week we need to finish with this (you at home now):

  • Listen to English every day and keep your Listening Log (download the template on the C1 Evaluation page here – Course info). Select an audio every now and then and listen to it several times, to listen-n-repeat and/or practice retelling, after jotting down useful language.
  • Bring questions on the handouts I gave out, or please tell me if you read them and if you’re OK or not!
  • Send me an email to get the C1 Resource Pack, and so that I can send you an invitation to join this blog as an Author. After that, accept the invitation and try digging and try to dig posts!, or post comments.
  • Browse this blog to get acquainted with it. If you watch the videos etc that counts for the listening log, too. Check out the C1 Resource Pack page here, have a look at the example of a Weekly Learning Plan, and think about your own. Next week I’ll explain.
  • Think of a story to tell us next week (everybody should speak, starting with people who haven’t spoken today) – it can be about a movie/film you watched, a book you read /red/, some news you heard, something you did, or a fictional story you want to share.
  • Follow this blog: I mean, try to read the posts. It’s like a textbook, OK?

Enjoy your use of English!

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