Creating an email account & posting your work

Students following the 2016-17 C1 Course at our EOI (non-compulsory public/state-run language school) need to be able to post on this blog, because you will have to post information for me to check and also to give you feedback (including “notas trimestrales”, term pass marks in Dec and March, which is just red tape since the only evaluation procedure that allows you to get a certificate happens in June). Create an EMAIL account JUST for this course, and  when you register on wordpress as a user, pick a username you’ll just use on this blog. Your username needs to be a name I know it’s you, a oneword thing preceded by your list number with two digits, e.g. 05mariaf, or 05mariafg (for list no. 5, María Fernández Gómez). Or if you don’t want to use your first name, 05tomillofg (with the initials of your family names so I remember who you are bc I tend to mix up numbers!)

Once you are ready, the minimum posting will be:  your Monthly LoM’s, your November and February Records of Work. I’m not including your monthly writing assignments because those need to be handwritten and handed in in class by a certain day, the deadline. More posting you could do is: post comments to my messages, post questions, post as an author of this blog (I can give you that role on the blog), to share your learning diary highlights or writing assignments (once I’ve checked them, you can type out the final copy for your Writing File and post here).

Option for bloggers: You can also create a blog here, just for this course. You need to think of a domain name (like mine here, c1coursebymf2016) and use the email and username you created for this course. Then I would link to you or something. You would use the blog and create at least these CATEGORY: Evaluation (for self-, co-, teacher’s assessment: your monthly LoM’s, the November and February Records of your work), Diary — and Writing for checked writing assignments you later type out, if you wish to share them to help other people learn.

PLEASE, SELECT ENGLISH in the language settings to do all this and for this course BECAUSE ONE OF THE POINTS IS THAT YOU improve your ENGLISH and vocabulary range (Technology, Blogging, emails, netiquette…).

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